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WRITER + composer

As a writer and composer, Mark Paden wrote for some of the most renowned and respected performers in Texas and around the world. A true artist that could sing and play guitar as well as he could write and produce, Mark performed and recorded with West Texas' heaviest hitters.

For this first time this century, you can now listen to The Mark Paden Band's 1984 Texas Soul Records LP, Hot Biscuits! Many thanks to Mich White (Kinder) for digitally remastering this album so we can all enjoy it again. From the album liner notes:

Any musical effort such as this is only brought to life with the help and care of many hearts and minds. These are a few of those.

Recorded in Lubbock, Texas by Don Caldwell, Harlan Caffey, and Lloyd Maines, and in Nashville, Tennessee by Tom Knox.

Bonnie Wilkerson tickled the ivories on "Long Shot Fool", "We Belong in Love Tonight", "Night Magic", and "You Can't Get The Hell Out of Texas". Steve Morelock supplied kamikaze piano overdrive on "I Want Some". Eddie Bayers played drums on "Crazy With The Heat", "Love Is What You Need", and "That's Not The Way". Larry Sasser played steel on "Crazy With The Heat" and "Love Is What You Need". Everything else is us.

Many thanks to Teb Thames and Ken Terrell without whose confidence and assistance this album would not have happened.

Cover concept: Teb & Candy Thames.
Cover Coordinators: Mary Ellen Terrell and Candy Thames.
Cover Illustration: Steve Weed
Biscuits courtesy of Dinah Simek. They were great!
Album Photos by: Ron Jenkins
Mastered at Masterfonics by Jim Lloyd.

A special thank you to Terry Choate and Pat McMakin for last minute assistance. Thanks, guys. Couldn't have done it without you.

"Once in a lifetime you can know a perfect stranger." We hope you feel as though you know us a little bit after you hear these songs. We leave a part of ourselves stamped into this record.

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